What can I do to get my parents to know I’m resposible enough to own a kitten????????PLEASE HELP?


I already have 3 cats but, there are these kittens and my mom loves cats but she still says no!!! It won’t matter about the other cats and the expences because I’m goin to pay for it and everything. I bought everything I need but how can I convince them???



  1. Theresa C
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    I would tell your mom how much you love her cats, but they are hers. That you have money of your own to care for the pet and that you WILL clean up after it. It may be hard to convince her since she already has 3, but if you explain to your mother that it is something that you truly want and not just a passing desire, you may be able to show her that you mean what you say. Some moms are open to a bargain. Why don't you ask your mom about a kitten but tell her that you don't want an answer for 2 months. The kittens will be plentiful for you to choose from then, (a lot of cats have just given birth or are about to) tell your mom you intend to prove to her that you are as good as your word, and take over litterbox duty for the entire 2 months. Then tell your mom you PROMISE you will take an active role in your kitten's life, even though you are sure that a new kitten will steal her heart as easily as yours. Last but not least, live up to your word. My mom wouldn't let me have cats when I was a kid. Now I live in a home with 4 animals. (2 dogs, 2 cats) My mom HATES coming over and always wants to know why I have so many animals...I ALWAYS tell her it's because she wouldn't let me enjoy having cats & dogs as a kid so I'm making up for lost time now. (I WAS allowed to have hamsters, and my sister was allowed a rabbit when she was a teen) Then when I turned 16 my mom got her own kitten. It was HERS. Go figure! Now she has a boyfriend who is allergic so she had to give up her cat, and I have my animals (my babies). If your mom is as adamant about you not having a cat as mine was, then no amount of convincing will do it. :( But you can always have 4+ kitties when you move out and that is something to look forward to! :D I don't mind that my mom doesn't come over too much, then she can't point out every little thing that she doesn't like. I tend to meet her for lunch, dinner or go over to her house if I want to spend time.
  2. Jessica
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    I’m not going to lecture you on how another kitten is a large responsibility. Though I got another pet by talking maturely with my parents. I explained to them how I planned to take care of her myself. You should try to show your maturety even more and talk to them about it.

  3. wigawampwigawamp
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    take care of smaller things first then build up to a cat

  4. Jessica B
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    Well, my mom won’t even let me have ONE cat. Your mom lets you have 3! I think you should stick with what you have. But if you REALLY want it, you need to prove that to your mom. Don’t let your mom or dad clean up after the cats, you should do it. Feed them every time they are hungry. Also you should cut down on your free time and study or practice sports, when you are done with your chores.

    You should offer help with cleaning ( kiten, windows, and other). And if your mom says she dosn’t need help, dont go sit on the couch and watch TV, go fold cloths or something.

    hope i helped.

  5. damonte n
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    i think you should start off with a little pet such as a hamster and if you take care of him then you ask the big question

  6. Hunters R Cowards!
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    At your age, which I am assuming is between 8 and 15, you’ll have to show that you are thinking ahead. Address all these things:

    What happens in 3-10 years when you go off to university? A properly cared for cat may live 15-20 years and you certainly can’t take him with you to a dorm. Finding a pet friendly apartment while on a college budget may be difficult as well.

    How are you going to pay for vet bills? If the cat has a serious emergency, a vet bill can easily reach $2000. Can you afford this now? Will you be able to afford this when you are in college?

    How do you plan to care for the cat? If dumping it outside is your plan, then no, you should not get a cat. A responsible owner keeps their cat indoors at all times, unless the cat can be properly protected and restrained.

    Back to college, if you take the cat with you, what if he eats your Easter chocolate the week of finals? You’ll have to rush him to the emergency vet ($500), possibly have him stay several days ($100+ a day), and then have him come home and be monitored. It’s hard to take finals when you are at home making sure that your cat isn’t dying.

    In all honesty, children always mean best when they say they will care for a pet. However, in my experience, that lasts about a week, MAYBE a month. The first cold day of winter, and the child doesn’t want to get up to feed the cat. The first serious test, and the studying child doesn’t want to have to clean the litter box. The first holiday, and the child wants to up & leave, without the pet. The first pile of vomit, the child suddenly has a tummy ache or a back ache.

    The key is to be honest with your mother. Tell her that while you hope to take care of the cat, you *will* need her help. Make the decision as a family. If it isn’t going to work, then leave it until you are out of college and can make the decision on your own and provide a proper indoor environment. There will always be plenty of cats out there who need homes.

    Sorry, but I’m not sure that you should even have 3 cats already. Be happy with what you have and move on. : )

  7. shadowwalker
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    Do HOURS OF ONLINE RESEARCH. Then impress your mom by telling her how much you know. Explain that you KNOW it is an enormous responsibility, and tell her you realize the purpose of getting a kitten is not to MAKE YOU HAPPY, but rather to TAKE CARE OF THE KITTEN WHICH NEEDS A LOT OF SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIALIZED CARE that you didn’t even know about before, but you do now because of all your online research. Tell her you KNOW that the kitten will soon be a cat but you want one anyway ( and you should add in all the REALLY good reasons you want a kitten even though you have several cats). Make sure you told her you know what special dietary needs the kitten has, how you plan on adopting two, so it won’t be separated from it’s litter mates, how you are an expert on introducing new cats to a household, and what your exit strategy is if the kittens aren’t accepted by the older cats. And let her hold the $500 for possible vet bills. After all that, I can’t see her saying no, can you?

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